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Call for entry of participatory art-Instagram
Idea: "Metaphore"-When God has fallen in love

Today, if the "globalization" is not a fundamental credit in the development of contemporary art, certainly its relevance has been a good platform for interaction of transcendent values between the artists and audiences, regardless of the location, race, ethnicity, religion, nationality and ideology. This historical perspective is good opportunity for the contemporary artists to show their idea-based artworks, with minimum concern, in the largest international fair (with over half a billion Instagram users and about 15 million Iranians), to the main audiences and in an indirect interactive, experience the ability of tangible and true connection. As we have benefited the technology capabilities of this contemporaries less. In order to realize this interactive attitude, collaborative project of video art-Instagram for networking video artists is predicted. The organizers of 9th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts invite all interested people to participate in this event.

The subject is free but it is necessary that the artists pay attention to the cultural and human values and capacities. Therefore, the project welcomes the artistic, cultural, social, political, etc. concerns of contemporary artists which to be presented in the framework of human prominent values.

Provisions of presenting the entries:
• Originality of the work must belong to the artist and, if adopted, reference should be mentioned in the video title.
• The entry may not be presented in festivals and networking competitions before this date.
• The Video Art must have a title (topic/artist/agents etc.).
• In the title of entry "for participation in the 9th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts", should be mentioned.
• Time of the video should be no longer than 59 seconds.
• Video must have the necessary quality, presented in formats that have the ability to be displayed in Instagram.
• Entries can be sent only through the official festival web site as:

Time Calendar:
• From the date of call for entries to February 13, 2017.
• The final judgment: from13 to 16 February 2017.
• Announcement of special award: the closing day of the festival (February 18, 2017)

• Special Jury Prize: the selected artworks will be awarded $ 1,500, or the equivalent, plus Tuba golden statuette and plaque of honor.
• The selected award of audiences: 20 million Rials and plaque of appreciation will be presented to the artwork have registered maximum followers.
• If the referees approve, the 5 artworks will be awarded plaque of appreciation.
• The selected artworks will be given a certificate of participation.

Showing the artworks:
• The artworks are continuously evaluated and selected in the initial judgment process for online display in Instagram,.
• In addition to online displaying of artworks on Instagram under the title of "The Video Participatory Art of Instagram, 9th Fadjr Visual Arts Festival", the artworks will be displayed in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, and the users can observe, evaluate and choose their selected works by searching.

Artistic director and curator: A. Kafshchyan Moghadam

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